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Indian construction industry is a fast-growing industry

  • Author:Arya ren
  • Release on:2019-01-24

Indian construction industry is a fast-growing industry

The construction industry in India is a fast-growing industry with unpredictable developments. With the rapid development of the Indian economy, From a strategic point of view, the growing demand foreshadows a huge market opportunity, coupled with the fact that local governments across India are particularly enthusiastic about attracting Chinese companies to create jobs locally, and the Chinese government also encourages companies to expand overseas, for Chinese companies, It is a market that cannot be missed.

India Building Materials Exhibition is the world's third largest, Asia's largest, most authoritative and professional B2B building materials exhibition, covering six major cities in India, including New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmed, among which New Delhi is The capital of India, and Mumbai is like Shanghai of China. The scale and influence of its exhibitions radiate throughout Southeast Asia.

ACETECH has been hosting the first time in 2006 for 13 years, and invited the most influential superstar in India to represent Shahrukh Khan as the spokesperson. The organizer has covered the exhibition through a number of internationally renowned media, plus The effective management of the marketing and promotion team, the scale of the exhibition has exploded year by year, from the initial 122,000 square feet to the current 4275,000 square feet. Exhibitors' annual return rate is as high as 80%.