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Indian media: the Indian government has domestic political considerations for not joining RCEP

  • Author:Candy Tang
  • Release on:2019-11-06

Indian media: the Indian government has domestic political considerations for not joining RCEP

Print media, said despite concerns related to trade, the Indian government suddenly quit at the last minute the regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement (RCEP) decision, is in opposition stormed, maharashtra and haryana election to important stakeholders and the government's own inability to sell Fang Qiang line against the background of the agreement.

The stakeholders include national volunteer organizations, small and marginal dairy farmers and the Indian business community.

The congress-led opposition camp said the RCEP deal was ill-timed given the slowdown in economic growth.Congress party President Sonia Gandhi says the deal will cause great suffering for farmers, small and medium-sized businesses and shopkeepers."We cannot afford to be a dumping ground for products, including agricultural products from other countries," she told party leaders.

Not only opposition parties but also national volunteer groups have warned against making too many concessions in trade deals, especially as domestic industry is effectively becoming an obstacle for Indian negotiators.Another key obstacle has been how to use RCEP as an opportunity to seek access to the Chinese market, with which India has a large trade deficit.

India's commerce and industry minister, piush goyal, is reported to have pointed the finger at Sonia Gandhi, accusing her of directing opposition opposition to joining RCEP, which congress has been trying to force the government into.

The waning momentum in India's economy has emboldened opposition parties to attack the government's economic policies -- growth was only 5% in the second quarter of 2019 and shows no sign of improving.Opposition leaders met in Delhi on November 4th to discuss launching their opposition on November 5th.Late in the day, the government said it had decided not to join the RCEP trade deal for now.