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Israel denies the drone was shot down by Lebanon

  • Author:Candy Tang
  • Release on:2019-11-01

Israel denies the drone was shot down by Lebanon

The Israeli military on October 31, in response to Lebanese media reports earlier in the day, denied that a drone had been shot down by Lebanon.

An army spokesman wrote on social media "twitter" that an anti-aircraft missile had been fired "from Lebanon at the drone" but had missed.The spokesman gave no further details.

Lebanese square television reported earlier in the day that an Israeli drone had been shot down near the southern Lebanese town of nabatiyah.The report did not say more.Lebanon's state news agency reported that a large explosion was heard near the town of nabatiyah when an Israeli "spy plane" flew over.

The town of nabatiyah is one of the "strongholds" of hezbollah supporters in Lebanon, the Associated Press reported.Hezbollah, which was founded in the 1980s, has been listed as a terrorist organization by the U.S. government since 1997 and has been subject to repeated sanctions.Israel has long viewed hezbollah as a major security threat.

Lebanon's relations with Israel have been strained recently by drone incursions into its airspace.Lebanon has identified multiple incursions into its airspace by Israeli drones, two of which crashed and exploded in the southern suburbs of Beirut on August 25, partially damaging the hezbollah media center.

Hezbollah said on September 9 that it shot down an Israeli drone in the south of Lebanon. The Israeli military denied the shooting, saying only that the drone "crashed" and did not give a reason for the crash.On October 23rd hizbullah said it had shot down an Israeli drone in the south of the country.