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MAD announces the latest construction site map of “Nanjing Zhengda Himalaya Center”

  • Author:Zora Chen
  • Release on:2018-12-28

MAD announces the latest construction sitemap of “NanjingZhengda Himalaya Center”

MAD announced the latest site map of the “Nanjing Zhengda Himalaya Center” under construction. This urban complex with a total construction area of about 560,000 square meters,adjacent to Nanjing South Railway Station, consists of six plots, including residential,office, hotel, commercial and other business functions. Two of the projects areconnected by a three-dimensional city square.The corridors and walkways of different scales are interspersed in several rolling commercial complexes, leading people to walk from the busy ground streets to the three-dimensional park and walk between the buildings and the landscape



The tower on the outside of the building base is like a mountain. The sunshade glass louvers of the vertical strips, the sunshade and the light, provide pleasant light and wind for the interior space,flowing like a waterfall on the mountain,making the whole building full of artistic conception. The tower plays a long distance view of the mountains and waters, while the water features of the pool, waterfalls, streams, and water pools in the base undertake the imagery and modernize the metaphor, blurring the edges of the distant and close-up scenes. Nanjing Zendai Himalaya Center is expected to be completed in2020.