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Magnesium sulfate magnesium sheet production

  • Author:Arya ren
  • Release on:2019-03-20

Magnesium sulfate magnesium sheet production

The magnesium sulfate magnesia sheet production line has less labor, large output and high product quality. The production sheet has the characteristics of moisture proof, fireproof, moisture proof and green environmental protection.

Characteristics of magnesium sulfate sheet production line project

1 The production of raw materials is simple and there is no geographical restriction. It mainly uses cement, river sand, fly ash, various insulation materials, chopped fiber or fiberglass cloth, etc., and is processed by one-time processing.

2. The glass magnesium fireproof board equipment has high automation degree and simple operation (operating workers can be employed after simple training), low labor intensity, water line operation, no noise during production, no pollution, no three-emissions.

3. The production process has low energy consumption, no need for high temperature, high pressure, and molding at room temperature.

4. According to the different requirements of different customers, we can produce various insulation plates of different specifications (length, width, height) and different materials to meet the needs of different consumers.