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Many Chinese students purchase house in US under their family supports

"good work come with good house" is a traditional idea of Chinese,and in recent years, many Chinese students go to US, and take a lot of capital supported by their familes to buy house for investments.

"The Real Deal" of newyork reported recently, in the past, the Chinese in Newyork work in Huabu, rent house, and try to get higher income while in the long time for waiting for the green card, earn money 5-10 years to buy house and move out Huabu. But in recent years, another popular way rise, the younger students buy houses under the support of parents. Though it's not strange way to borrow money from relatives and friends, but to supported child for advanced payment for a house is a deep-rooted idea of Chinese family, and this idea makes the Chinese students a strong purchase group for houses, a lot of new houses plan rised in this area and around.

For the same condition of Newzealand, the investment imigration is easy in Newzealand, and a lot of Chinese love this place, there is no limitation for purchase houses like in China, a lot of Chinese buy group of buildings, and this makes the house plan already to the year of 2023.

How to meet the market demand, to use fast construction building materials such as lightweight and fast construction onekin wall, is a good idea to solve this condition, to promote economic prosperity.