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More than 100 schools in Australia's southeast have been closed as wildfires continue to rage ac

  • Author:Candy Tang
  • Release on:2019-11-21

More than 100 schools in Australia's southeast have been closed as wildfires continue to rage across the country

Bushfires are still raging in southeast Australia. More than 100 schools in south Australia were closed Wednesday as fires threatened seven districts, CNN reported.

Summer in Australia only officially begins on December 1, the report said. Now, however, strong winds and record-breaking temperatures are exacerbating the fires. Fire risk in south Australia has risen to "disaster" level.

South Australia has imposed a blanket fire ban and cut power to more than 10,000 people in port Lincoln and the lower ayr peninsula, the report said.

This morning, the south Australian fire service (CFS) warned of "very serious fire risks in the state from sunrise to well past midnight," ABC reported.

The official also said such a severe fire is a challenge to the fire department. As people have seen in new south wales, if a fire starts, it can be very intense, it can spread very quickly and it can be very difficult to control. The south Australian fire department has 10,000 firefighters ready to go, according to the agency.

Thousands of people in communities across Australia have been affected by wildfires in recent days. In new south wales, a state of nearly 8 million people, the fires have destroyed three times more land than they did last year during the entire fire season, CNN said.

Reports say four people have been killed and hundreds of homes destroyed. More than 1,300 firefighters are still battling blazes in Queensland and new south wales. Not only humans, but more than 350 koalas have died in wildfires in new south wales, according to zoologists.

Continuous fires are also affecting people's health. More than 50 people were treated for asthma and breathing problems in Sydney on Monday as a new south wales fire engulfed the city in smoke. Air quality in the Sydney area dropped to "hazardous" levels overnight on Tuesday, according to the state's weather bureau.

Bush fires are a common and deadly threat during Australia's hot and dry summers. 2009 the worst bushfire on record in Australia destroyed thousands of homes in the state of Victoria, killing 173 people and injuring 414 on a day dubbed "black Saturday" by the media.