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New Packing--more efficient and economic

  • Author:Natalie
  • Source:Onekin
  • Release on:2018-04-03
New Packing-more efficient and economic

Every week,many customer need onekin Onekin lightweight precast wall panel sample,and the full-size panel length is from 2400mm to 3600mm.And onekin would make sure the safest way to pack the lightweight precast wall panel.Like following picture.

However,some customer would think the packing costing is so high,and then Onekin work out another way to packing the lightweight precast wall panel,which not only lower the cost but still very safe.

In addition,Onekin also provide the small sample to our panels,which can just be sent by DHL or FedEx,and within 7 days,those small lightweight precast wall panel sample would be delivered to your home or office.
(NOTE:the sample is free,but not including the postage,but Onekin would choose the most economic and efficient courier services to send your sample)