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Onekin green wall panel under construction for high building project

While onekin green wall panel be used for high buildings for office like here, it can save a lot of steel and concrete structures and basement materials since it is very light weight materials. Onekin green wall panel is very high fireproof, while high office building also should concern it, to keep the staffs be safe from the fire accident, Onekin green wall panel can resist fire at least two hours.

Except for high fireproof, Onekin green wall panel is lightweight as we know, so no need big machine for construction, can be moved and installed easily by the workers, can be very fast construction and save labor cost. And another way, no need plaster the wall before skim coating and paint, hollow holes are easily for pipes and wires, can also save labor and materials, fast your work.

Above all, can save your project costs 10-30 percent. Visit our website or send inquiry to know more about Onekin green wall.