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France won the World Cup

  • Author:Agnes
  • Release on:2018-07-19

France won the World Cup

July 14th is the French National Day. On the 15th, the French football team won the World Cup finals, and the country was immersed in a jubilant victory.

Ball games, naturally can not be separated from the stadium, while paying attention to football, it is also important to pay attention to the stadium where the game is located.

The final venue is scheduled for Luzhniki Stadium, which is the central venue of the World Cup.

The Russian government demolished the original stadium in 2013 and reconstructed an existing space based on its historical features and architectural style.

New venue for 81,000 spectators.

Onekin precast wall panel is very suitable for large-scale construction projects such as stadiums, schools and shopping malls.

The fireproof time of 100mm thickness precast wall panel can be as long as 164min, which can avoid safety accidents in some way, and also has good sound insulation effect.

With a sound insulation of up to 51dB, it can provide a comfortable space for the game preparers.

Since its inception, Luzhniki Stadium has hosted many events, making it a stadium with a strong sense of history.

I believe that fans who have seen the ball have already experienced its unique history.