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Precast to challenge concrete block for UAE

  • Author:Nicole Zhang
  • Source:Onekin
  • Release on:2017-03-30
  With the disadvantage of tradition wall materials - concrete block/hollow block - becoming more and more obvious, it has faced the challenge from updated new materials, especially wall panels using precast technology.
Fast Installation
  Modern construction is popular for concrete jungles, countries like UAE prefer skyscraper, thus the tradition concrete block is not meeting the high speed requirement.
  With precast technology, the installation is going fast. There’s a test, showed that precast panels have finished a project in three month while traditional concrete blocks will need one whole year.
  Traditional wall material is not moisture-proof. If fact, it has high water absorption, which result in wall leakage problem if it’s not handing carefully. In another word, it is a risk for high humidity area to use traditional concrete blocks.
  Precast panels, however, have very low water absorption. It can be used in high humidity area with high temperature. There’s no cracking problem after exposed in a high temperature difference area.
Heat Insulation
  Traditional material has no function for heat insulation, it’s not a big issue earlier for UAE, since electricity is not costing. But it is getting important, consider the electricity charge is getting higher.
  Precast wall panels can be very help for this situation, since it’s insulation materials. Official data showed that precast wall panels can save energy up to 80%, doing a significant effect on the cost & environment.

Other than above advantages, there’s more core issues that UAE infrastructure is paying attention, such as save cost, totally healthy ect. For more detail information, please visit Onekin Green Building Materials Co.,Ltd.