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Prefabricated construction

  • Author:Illya
  • Source:onekin
  • Release on:2017-01-16

  Simplicity architecture as the most popular architecture style has characteristic of low cost, easy to built. And prefabricated construction is an important part of this kind of architectural style. Below show some prefab projects using Onekin prefabricated wall panel.

prefabricated house in China

prefabricated building in Ethiopia


  Onekin prefabricated wall panel is a hot-sale product in Onekin magnesium oxide products. What make it so popular?

l Lightweight: only 1/3 of cement board;

l Fireproof: can reach 4 hours fireproof, non-combustible at 800 and remains flameless at 1200.

l Fast installation: it has tongue and groove design can be 3-5 time faster than traditional bricks.

l Eco-friendly: it is harmless to both environment and human body.

  Above are the main advantages of prefabricated panels, meanwhile it has advantages like soundproof, heat insulation, thermal insulation, waterproof.... If you want get more information of Onekin prefabricated wall panels, welcome to contact our sales.