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Say No to Cement!

  • Author:Nicole Zhang
  • Source:Onekin
  • Release on:2017-03-15
  When talk about construction building materials, cement & concrete is the first thing comes to our minds. Perhaps that’s why people call high rise buildings as concrete jungles.

  Cement has high strength, but it also releases carbon dioxide, which is not environmental friendly. What if there’s one building materials that has no cement at all? 

  To meeting environmental friendly building materials, there’s one precast wall panels, which is already using in countries such as Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam, Oman, Ethopia, Maldives ect.
  Let’s see what this new kind of precast wall materials can do.
  Since it uses precast technology, the installation speed is very fast. When traditional hollow block install 7 square meters per day, this new precast panel can install at least 40 square meters.
  For example, a Singapore contractor is using this panel to finish a project in three month, while the origin plan is one year for hollow block.

  This precast panel is lightweight, with density 375~500 kgs/m3. It means one worker can lift the panel and move it into the right place. While AAC panel or precast concrete needs at least two or three people to do this work.

  Fireproof - This precast wall panel reaches four hours fire rating time, meet the high standard fireproof requirement in different countries. It leaves enough time for people when there’s fire disaster.
  Easy Handle - The new type precast panel can be easily cut, saw. Also, it has hollow core design, to let the electrical wires & pipes to get through.
  High strength - What’s more, it has high hanging strength. For example, 90 mm thickness wall can hang a air condition, widely used in shopping mall projects & residential buildings.

  Energy Saving - This precast wall panel has hollow core design, to make a better heat insulation structure. It results in saving energy up to 80%.
  Environmental Friendly - The panel is 100% asbestos free, no formaldehyde, meeting the grade A construction building materials. Also, it has no cement at all, will not release any chemical substances that is not friendly to environment.