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Shops and schools have been closed in the capital of the 6.6 magnitude quake on the island of Mindan

  • Author:Candy Tang
  • Release on:2019-10-29

Shops and schools have been closed in the capital of the 6.6 magnitude quake on the island of Mindanao

A 6.6-magnitude earthquake struck parts of the Philippine island of Mindanao at 9:04 PM on Tuesday, jolting the capital davao, sarangani, general SAN santos and zamboanga. By 10 am, davao city had sent a notice to the mayor, requiring shops, shopping malls and schools to close. There were no official reports of casualties or property damage as of press time.

Consul general li Lin of the Chinese consulate general in davao told China news service that the earthquake was felt strongly in davao, and some urban areas lost power and some buildings were damaged. The Chinese consulate-general in davao immediately contacted the Chinese community, chinese-funded institutions and teachers in the district by telephone and WeChat to confirm the security situation. So far, there are no reports of casualties among Chinese citizens.

The earthquake was centered 26 kilometers northeast of Tulunan in Cotaboto in the gotabato province of Mindanao at a depth of 7 kilometers and measured 6.6 magnitude, according to PHIVOLCS.

The Philippine volcanic earthquake institute reported that the earthquake was tectonic and that aftershocks were expected to cause damage.

Chinese language supervisor wang bingshen told China news service that the school was in class when the earthquake struck. Staff sounded the alarm and teachers led students from the school's primary and secondary schools and kindergartens to evacuate to the sidewalk or open space outside the campus. At that time, on the way to the gate of the campus, wang felt the ground shaking for at least 30 seconds. Around 9:50, all the teachers and students of the school returned to the playground, the student office is responsible for the teacher to convey the school holiday decision, announced the school students computer room has cracks, temporarily closed. 10:43, is in contact with the reporter wang teacher told that the earth shook again.

A video from davao shows people holding their heads as they run into the streets of old davao street during the day's first earthquake, with buildings shaking on both sides of the street.

Photos provided by davao residents show a large part of the lower outer wall of a 10-storey commercial building in the city. Have the goods on supermarket shelf such as electric fan, cup dish to wait, all shake falls.

Photos from Datu Montawal village in northern costa batato province showed cracks more than 10 meters long and dozens of centimeters wide in a dirt trench after the day's first earthquake.