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Single point hanging strength test on Onekin Green Panel

  • Author:Nicole Zhang
  • Source:Onekin
  • Release on:2018-01-25
  Known as replacement of EPS sandwich panel, customers like Onekin Green Panel better, because it has below advantages over EPS sandwich panel: 1. Onekin Green Panel has hollow core design, it’s easy for pipe & line installation; 2. Onekin Green Panel is more lightweight than EPS panel, it can save cost on transportation, and easier for workers installation; 3. Onekin Green Panel supports more customized size. For example, Onekin Green Panel can do height 3600mm, while EPS panel can do 2440mm.
  While Onekin Green Panel has these advantages, customer may worry for the single point hanging strength, since there’s hollow core inside. To confidence customers for Onekin Green Panel single point hanging strength, Onekin has done a test in our office to show the performance.
  There’s a sand bag weights 40 kgs, hanging in the sample wall by Onekin Green Panel. The test is over half year till now, there’s no any crack issue happened.
  Luckily, the test will always in Onekin office, customers can see & feel it whenever they visit us.

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