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Sri Lanka's largest apartment project "Harbour Home" grand start

  • Author:Sherry
  • Release on:2019-11-11
Sri Lanka's largest apartment project "Harbour Home" grand start

On November 4th, the opening ceremony of the main structure of the “Portal Homes” project in Sri Lanka was held in Colombo. 
Mr. Sumar Pereira, Chairman of the Sri Lankan listed company Axel Engineering Construction Company, General Manager Christopher Joshua and Board of Directors, Assistant General Manager of the Company, Zhang Xiaoqiang, General Manager of the Sri Lanka Regional Corporation, Zeng Nanhai, Party Secretary of the Regional Corporation The person in charge of the relevant unit attended the ceremony.
The Harbour Homes apartment project is the largest apartment project in Sri Lanka to date.
The project is located in the 15th district of Colombo, Sri Lanka. The plot area is about 20126.67 square meters. It consists of five towers with a building height of 122.8 meters and a total construction area of about 195,000 square meters. It is built by one of Sri Lanka's largest engineering companies. The Harbour Village Ltd project company, which is formed by the company, China Harbour and Singapore Mustafa Holding Company, is responsible for the development.