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The 2018 Pakistan International Building Materials Exhibition ended perfectly

  • Author:Arya ren
  • Release on:2018-12-28

The 2018 Pakistan International Building Materials Exhibition ended perfectly

The 14th Pakistan International Building Materials Exhibition was grandly opened at the Karachi Expo Center, the UFI Global Association Certification Exhibition, the largest and most influential building materials exhibition in Pakistan.

In order to promote economic development, Pakistan has greatly reduced import tariffs and other taxes on building materials, including steel products, construction machinery/equipment, construction chemicals, etc. In addition, Pakistan has numerous infrastructure construction projects involving a large number of flyovers and underground passages. Construction of highways, tunnels, highways, etc.

At present, there are 250,000 new homes in Pakistan each year, and 6.5 million homes are still under construction or under construction. The government has taken a series of measures to stimulate the development of the industry, which has effectively promoted the revival of the country's construction industry.

Pakistan with unlimited business opportunities is waiting for your progress.