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The Danish Chinese Chamber of Commerce celebrates the first anniversary of the establishment of the

  • Author:Sherry
  • Release on:2019-09-25

The Danish Chinese Chamber of Commerce celebrated its first anniversary
in Copenhagen on the 19th. The political and economic circles of China and
Denmark attending the event said that China-Denmark economic and trade
cooperation has great potential. Both countries support the maintenance of
multilateralism and opposition to trade protectionism. As China continues to
expand its opening up, it will provide greater Danish enterprises. Market
opportunities and cooperation and win-win space.
Danish parliamentarian Hans Andersen said that maintaining good bilateral
relations is of great
significance to both Denmark and China. To this end, it should continue to
strengthen cultural,
technological and economic investment cooperation between the two countries.

The Danish China Chamber of Commerce was formally established on May 8,
2018 as a non-profit, non-governmental organization representing Chinese
companies operating in Denmark. The Chamber of Commerce currently has
nearly 20 member companies. The Danish China Chamber of Commerce actively
participated in the establishment of the EU China Chamber of Commerce as its
founding member.