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The Iraqi President: there will be a new election law and early elections

  • Author:Candy Tang
  • Release on:2019-11-01

The Iraqi President: there will be a new election law and early elections

Iraqi President ali abdullah saleh announced Sunday that he will approve early elections when a new electoral law and a reorganized election commission are in the works.

In a nationally televised address, saleh said the Iraqi authorities are working on a new election law that is "more fair and free from manipulation and fraud" and will restructure the election commission to ensure fair elections.When a new electoral law is enacted and the election commission is reorganized, he will legally approve early elections.

Saleh said Iraqi prime minister abdel-mehdi had agreed to submit his resignation and asked all political factions to negotiate a successor plan acceptable to all within the constitutional and legal framework.

Mr Saleh said that by working with the UN, a new draft electoral law was expected next week.He will continue to consult with all political parties and others to advance reforms within the framework of the constitution and laws to maintain stability, public security and the national interest in Iraq.

Protests broke out in various parts of Iraq on October 9, protesting against government corruption, inadequate services and high unemployment.In response, the Iraqi government has introduced a reform plan, which mainly includes building subsidized housing for low-income groups, providing subsidies to the unemployed, simplifying the registration process for young people to start businesses, providing training and loans.New protests have taken place in several Iraqi cities since Friday, as demonstrators continue to protest against government corruption, lack of public services and high unemployment and call for reforms.