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The No.1 worlds high building Hallifa Tower

Hallifa tower, which the original name is Dubai tower, is located in biggest city of UAE.
Hallifa tower was designed by an American architect Adrian Smith, and buid by four construction companies: American engineering Company Som,the biggest contracting company of Belgium-Besix and Sumsong of Korea.

The design of the tower is single structure, which is a challenge for construction, and consist of tube towers.

Costs for this project:1.5 billion usd
Floors:162 floors above ground and 7 floors underground

The external wall is glass with 83 thousands square meters,and 27 thousands sqm metal, totally similar 16 football fields.
And the internal partition is fireproof wall material.

The construction used 40,000 steel and thousands of cubic meters cement, 12 thousands workers for construction.
There are a lot of rooms in the building, including living rooms, hotels, shopping malls, etc.

There is a swimming pool at the 78 floor of this tower, which is the highest swimming pool in the world. And the highest Mosque is in the 158 floor.And the elevators totally 56 unites, work 18m/s, which are also the fastest elevators in the world.