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The advantages of Assembly Integration Building

  • Author:Lucy t.
  • Source:Onekin
  • Release on:2017-01-16
Assembly integrated building has excellent heat insulation performances,and conducive to building energy efficiency,while more than 95% of the components can be dismantled,recyclable.It has many advantages as follows: 

1. environmental protection
Most of the people are very good for the selected building integrated Assembly environment, green material, and also tends to be a high rate of recycling materials, environmental pollution is a very small, short production cycle well waste reduction.

2. energy saving
Thermal insulation materials of cold or hot weather can achieve energy saving, the more you need to supply more energy on the outside.

3. shorten the construction period
Assembly integrated building structure parts factory, and all of the components can be easily installed and shorten the construction period, mostly manufactured.

4. seismic intensity enhancement
Whether the Assembly can withstand more than 9 earthquake, the integrated earthquake-prone countries and regions can be applied to the wood frame, steel structure or steel concrete structure building.

5. building area increase
Heavy steel, light steel structure system by using a lightweight steel, wood, the base of the structure, the building is a traditional mixed utilization rate is usually around 75%, while incorporating the housing up to 80%-90% utilization. 8 percent increase-12% of the building area.

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