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The coldest places with mankind

The following pictures show the coldest place in the world named Oymyakon with mankind, the lowest temperature in the history is minus 67.7 centi-degree, the average temperature in January is minus 50 centi-degree.

As very low temperature, no plant can be grow in this place, and all people eat only fish and meat.

Photographer Amos Chapple from New Zealand had experienced the life there, and took a lot of pictures. He record his experience there and said:while I ware single pant to go outside, where minus 47 centi-degree, the cold air seized my legs, that makes me so surprised, because sometimes my wet mouth iced and that stung me a lot like the needles hurt my lips.

All residents wear with almost no gaps to resist the cold, and by the side way, there is a brand wrote: Omyakon, the pole of cold.

The ground always in ice, and pipes inside, most of the wash rooms,toilets, motor of cars and buses, mobile phones are frozen most of the time.

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