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The core issue to install precast wall panels

  • Author:Nicole Zhang
  • Source:Onekin
  • Release on:2017-03-28
  Precast technology is getting more and more popular, especially in countries such as Singapore, Oman, Vietnam ect.
  There’s a lot of precast wall materials, such as precast concrete, AAC panel, mgo panel. Though the raw material & production is different, they do have one thing is common, that is the core issues for installation.
  The wall flatness
  The wall flatness should be carefully handled before filling the gap, because everything is available to adjust before gap filling. In order to make the wall flatness, there’s three points should be careful when install the wall panels.
1.The control line on floor & wall.
  Before install the panels, there’s a control line marked on both floor & wall. Wall installation should based on the control line strictly.

2.Use U-clips to place panels & panel connection
  At the column, floor & ceiling, there should be some U-clips to place panels. Some people might make mistake and think it’s for connections. But the main purpose it for replace panels in orders.

3.Use wood chips for panel fixation
  For some areas, the ground is not level, thus should depend on wood chips for fixation the flatness.

  Based on above summary, it’s easy to say that wall flatness is depend on working carefully, since every step is very easy to learn.

  Joint filling
  The joint is a super important aspect for the wall installation, because the joint filling materials as well as methods is deciding if the wall is going to crack or not
  For more tips of the joint filling, welcome to contact us as Onekin Green Building Materials Co., Ltd or contact me via below information.

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