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The emperor of Japan will be absent from today's ceremony

  • Author:Candy Tang
  • Release on:2019-10-22

The emperor of Japan will be absent from today's ceremony

Japan's 126th emperor naruhito will accede to the throne at the imperial palace on Sunday. About 2,000 people, including heads of state, royals and senior government officials from 180 countries, will attend the ceremony today, Japan's kyodo news agency reported Monday.

According to the report, the ceremony will begin at 1 PM local time in the main hall of the emperor's residence. The emperor will wear the traditional sumac stained robe, ascend to the throne and make a speech. The queen, dressed in twelve single garments, stood beside the royal pavilion. Prince akishino and his wife, as well as other adult members of the royal family, including their eldest daughters, masako and yoshiko, were also present in traditional attire, with chang lu wearing tuxedos. Princess yuriko migasin was absent at the age of 96, as were emperor akihito and his wife. In addition, Japanese prime minister shinzo Abe will read a congratulatory message called "shou shou ci", followed by three cheers of "long live".

Due to the severe damage caused by typhoon haibes, the 19th typhoon of this year, the parade attended by the emperor and empress, "congratulations to the emperor", will be postponed to November 10.

On April 23, the emperor and his wife will invite foreign Kings and other members of the royal family to the imperial residence for talks.In addition to the akinoshinoya couple and other members of the royal family, in foreign royal families have many old friends will also participate.

The main purpose of the ceremony is to announce the accession of the new emperor to the throne in Japan and abroad, and security measures in Tokyo have been raised to the highest level, the nikkei business daily said Tuesday.