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The export of Korean chemicals from July 1st cannot provide this

  • Author:Arya Ren
  • Release on:2019-07-03

The export of Korean chemicals from July 1st cannot provide this document will not be able to clear the customs and fine

Korean K-REACH regulations stipulate that after June 30, 2019, non-Korean suppliers (such as Chinese companies) will ship to South Korea. When Korean Customs requires K-REACH pre-registration documents, if it cannot be provided, it will not be able to Customs clearance will seriously affect normal trade.

If products that are not pre-registered are found in the Korean market, they will impose a fine of 50 million won and less than 7 years on Korean importers and downstream processing users in accordance with the regulations and penalties, and add 5% of the income in the Korean market. fine.

K-REACH is suitable for companies that produce or import chemicals in Korea, as well as foreign companies that export chemicals to Korea. Foreign companies that do not export products to South Korea but form a supply chain with downstream companies (which are either exported to South Korea or located in South Korea) may also be affected.