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The most expensive air in history for sale

  • Author:Illya
  • Source:onekin
  • Release on:2017-03-06

  Even if you haven’t been to Swiss, you probably know the fresh air in Alps. John Green, an Englishman who lives in Basel, Switzerland think out an idea of selling high priced Swiss mountain air on the Internet. The bottled air has been described as "the ultimate gift to men or women who already has everything”, with precise GPS coordinates and collect the certificate of authenticity.

  According to the Swiss news website The Local said, this should be the world's most expensive air.

  As far as I can see, people who want to buy air from Swiss is not want to buy air but want to buy a access of GREEN life. With the growth of cities, air pollution spread. As a green building materials supplier, Onekin is always trying to provide GREEN and ENERGY SAVING building materials to our customers, and help them to live a GREEN life.