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The western summit of the international conference on cities and architecture in Asia was successful

  • Author:corina
  • Source:onekin
  • Release on:2019-01-11

The western summit of the international conference on cities and architecture in Asia was successfully concluded

On January 5, 2019, the first AAUA annual prize presentation ceremony of xi 'an, the western part of Asia city and architecture international academic annual conference was successfully concluded.More than 300 people, including dozens of Chinese and foreign construction experts, scholars and industry representatives, attended and listened to this international industry event in the western region.

The event was co-organized by the Asian city and architecture alliance & China northwest architecture design and research institute co., LTD., and co-organized by Shanghai yijing architecture design co., LTD., xi 'an hetian enterprise marketing planning co., LTD., shaanxi radio and television station "new residence times" and yidian information.As an international vision, a full range of rapid development in the western region of city and architecture, space and environment to make important carding and communication industry summit, the event is worth more to explore the western region of the road of sustainable development provides the different dimensions of thinking, also contribute to a whole new industry and academia international collaborative development opportunity

AAUA advocates the exploration and practice of multi-value and multi-dimensional high-level comprehensive development

Society is not only developing, but also progressing

Not only the culture but also the civilization

Design should confront and explore multidimensional social problems

To provide their own principles, comprehensive, systematic, future-oriented, competitive solutions

The western part of China has unique geographical and cultural advantages

We hope her development is also based on this creativity and research

We were pleasantly surprised to see it in our declaration

Respect for ecology

Thinking about life

Advocacy of family values

Child friendly

Regional exploration

Yet as the theme of our annual meeting suggests

The art of architecture and the future of the city

It is not just the construction industry, industries and markets that are being explored

But design is the purest exercise of human skills. What kind of catalyst does each creativity serve as in the development of regional historical dimension

Design has long gone beyond the material world of human life and penetrated into the spiritual level. It has a dialogue with countless aspects of civilization and continues to play an important role.

Through international cooperation and connection, we have achieved self-recognition, so as to explore and present the real and creative value of the west, and pass it on and share it with the world.To achieve a high level of self - development.

This is the original intention of AAUA to establish the award for cities and architecture in western China.

And this xi 'an BBS and awards is just the beginning -

Based on the international vision, this industry event brings more thoughts, more Suggestions and more expectations to the western region, discussing the western "architectural art and the future of the city".