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Three of China's most beautiful buildings

  • Author:Jessie
  • Source:Onekin
  • Release on:2016-11-11
1.Harbin theater

The appearance of Harbin theater looks very smooth and nature,and match their surroundings so well .

2.Shanghai center building

Shang hai center building located in Shanghai Ptdong Lujiazui Finance & trade zone,the major buildng's height is 632 meters .127 floors on the ground,5 floor underground.the main characteristic of this building is the spiral upward posture,straight at the sky.

3.Hanxiu theater

The appearance of Hanxiu theater looks like the traditional lantern,and located in Wuhan city,Hubei province.this building's design is very nice and well thinked.It is said that this design is designed by a world's top art design master.

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