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Tips for entering the Pakistani market

  • Author:FocusVision
  • Source:FocusVision
  • Release on:2018-07-27

In recent years, under the "One Belt, One Road" initiative, China's trade with Pakistan has become increasingly close.

As the second largest economy in South Asia after India and the sixth most populous country in the world (population of about 200 million), Pakistan's potential business opportunities should not be underestimated.

In the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, more than 96% of residents believe in Islam. Mandarin is Urdu and English is the official language.

1, Pakistan's main imported goods: crude oil and petroleum products, machinery and transportation tools, chemical products (plastics, pharmaceuticals, etc.),

food, animal and vegetable oils (mainly vegetable oil, steel products, coal, the above seven categories of goods accounted for the total imports of Pakistan More than 80%.

2. Pakistan is an important country along the “Belt and Road” and an important economic and trade partner of China in South Asia.

The China-Pakistan Free Trade Agreement was signed in 2006 and came into effect in 2007.

The most recent process is April 2, the tenth meeting of the second phase of the China-Pakistan Free Trade Zone negotiations was held in Islamabad.

3. Low-cost and low-quality building materials products are already filled with the Pakistani market.

New designs, new materials, and high-quality products are still a vacuum market with great potential.

4. In Pakistan, the bright colors are generally popular, among which emerald green is the most popular.

Yellow will cause religious and some political dislikes. Residents regard black as negative, and green, silver, gold and bright colors are popular with local people.

5. Since most people believe in Islam, the customs and eating habits of Pakistani residents are deeply influenced by Islam.

Pakistanis are forbidden to eat pork. They are absolutely forbidden to drink alcohol.

Whether it is a folk red or white event or an official state banquet, they are not allowed to drink alcohol. When welcoming Pakistani guests, care should be taken to avoid pork and alcoholic beverages.