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Vietnam customers visiting

  • Author:Illya
  • Source:onekin
  • Release on:2017-03-17
  This week we had some Vietnam clients came to our office to visit. Our business personnel has introduced our green precast panel’s craftsmanship and performance to them in the visiting activity. they are impressed by our precast panel: a totally new product in precast technology, use a different raw material ---- magnesium oxide, and produced just by chemical reaction. 

sampleroom visiting

precast wall panel installation model

  The clients said that they used to use AAC panel in their construction project, but there is a thing that’s disturbing to them is the damage problems of AAC panel. Since Vietnam located on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia is a tropical monsoon climate, with an average annual humidity of 85% ~ 94%. The damage of AAC panel is likely caused by the high-moisture. 

  Building materials exposed in high-moisture environment for a long period are very similar to those immersed in water, it’s usually caused the swelling, warping or disintegration of materials. But there won’t be such problem with our green precast wall panel. It’s water absorption is less than 20%, allows for long-term exposure to a moist environment. Our precast panel already be used to build a six floor residential building in Maldives, where’s average annual humidity similar to Vietnam , but our wall panel still doing well.

  So if you are looking for building materials can adapt high-temperature and high-moisture environment, why don’t you choose Onekin green precast panel and our high quality AAC panel alternative? With it’s performance of lightweight, fireproof and eco-friendly, it will make your construction faster, safer and healthier.