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What 10 square meters house can be?

  • Author:Lucy Tian
  • Source:Onekin
  • Release on:2016-12-30
  A house on 10 square meters,what it is can be?  A entrance-hall,bedroom or bathroom?
  Yes,but not only here.
  Recently,Dr. Wang Yun, the architect announced to the media his new 10 square meters of residential test and research results,which including a bath can take a bath, wash, a kitchen can cook, a bed can rest,sleep,there is room for living activities.At the same time,will further work together to launch with Electrolux Group about 10 square meters of residential products.This will be the crazy residential design samples.
  This industry cross-border cooperation,based on improving the current urban young people living and industry problems.As young people living in the city,which can not afford the high prices and rents in the city center,only could choose the group rent,shared.
  Onekin cares people's living environment,and shares this kinds of products for exterior and interior wall partitions.Using Onekin green panels will save a lot of space comparing with traditional cement block,brick walls.In the coming new year,Onekin hopes to cooperate with you and have more chance to contribute to society together.