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What is Magnesium Oxide panel?

  • Author:Agnes
  • Release on:2018-05-25

What is Magnesium Oxide panel?

When we introducing our panels, customers were always surprised by the magnesium oxide. 
Few customers had heard of the use of magnesium oxide in building materials. 
This also makes our plates look particularly unique.
So what is magnesium oxide? The following is the definition.

Magnesium oxide is a basic oxide and has the property of a basic oxide and is a cementitious material. 
White powder (light yellow is magnesium nitride), odorless, odorless, non-toxic, is a typical alkaline earth metal oxide, chemical formula MgO. 
White powder, melting point 2852C, boiling point 3600C, relative density 3.58 (25C). 
Soluble in acid and ammonium salt solution, insoluble in alcohol. Solubility in water is 0.00062 g/100 mL (0 °C)

Magnesium oxide is a natural fireproof material, so the highly purified magnesium oxide is used as the main fireproof material, 
and fly ash, plant fiber are applied as filling materials, and the high quality MgCI2 as the main cementing material to solidify other materials.

With the high purity Magnesium oxide, Onekin green wall panel fire rating 164min for the 100mm thickness. 
And the fireproof grade is A, which also have the Singapore TUV test.