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What is fireproof building material and how to choose?

  • Author:Lucy Tian
  • Source:Onekin
  • Release on:2017-04-11
When we understand the characteristics of the fire and the main hazards,how to choose the safety of residential construction or decoration building materials to protect us when fire accident happened?

First,the burning performance of a building material refers to all physical and chemical changes that occur during combustion or fire. This performance is measured by the fire and flame propagation of the material surface, heat, smoke, carbonization, weight loss, and toxicity Produce and other characteristics.

According to the China's national standard GB8624-97,the burning of building materials will be divided into the following grades.
Class A:
incombustible Building materials: almost no burning material.

B1 level:
flame retardant building materials: flame retardant materials have a better flame retardant effect. It is difficult to fire and not easy to spread, and when the source of fire destroyed,the fire will immediately stop.

B2 grade:
flammable building materials: combustible materials have a certain role in flame retardant. In the air in case of fire or under high temperature will immediately fire burning, and easily lead to the spread of fire, such as wooden pillars, wooden truss, wooden beams, wooden stairs and so on.

B3 level:
easy flammable Building materials: no any flame retardant effect, easy to burn, fire risk is great.

Second, the correct use of different grades of building materials
Building materials used in buildings should meet the requirements of national mandatory norms, and actively use non-combustible materials and flame retardant materials, try to avoid the use of a lot of smoke generated when burning or toxic gas materials, which should be safe and economical.

Therefore, consumers in the choice of building materials or interior decoration materials,should ensure the quality of wall material at the same time should give priority to choose non-combustible A-level and flame retardant B1 products to protect their own safety.

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