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What kind of wall panel is the best replacement of AAC panel

What kind of wall panel is the best

replacement of AAC panel

Mgo wall panel is a new type of precast wall. The main material is magnesium oxide, which is nature fireproof elements. The basic production is based on chemical reaction, between magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride.

With high purity raw material, the reaction makes the raw material bonds with each other, while fly ash and plant fiber as reinforced materials. That makes Mgo wall panel very high strength.and it is the best replacement of mgo panel.

common specification

standard size: 2800/2900*600mm; thickness: 75/90/100/120/150/200mm

remarks: length range: 2200~3600mm

the standard size is easy for 40HQ containers loading, Onekin also welcome customized size.

Onekin wall panel design

Onekin wall panel uses tongue and groove design, to make the panels connection much easier. Also, the middle of our panel use hollow core design, for easy pipe line & electrical line.