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What make prefab building so popular?

  • Author:illya
  • Source:Onekin
  • Release on:2017-04-14
  Prefab building is spreading in construction industry, what make it so popular in modern construction? There are some data compare prefabricated building with traditional construction, which may answer this question.

High efficiency, shorten the construction period

Burj Al Arab (prefab building)

Main project:
Prefabricated building: Mechanical operation, easy to control
Traditional architecture: weather-dependent, progress is difficult to control

Interior and exterior finishes:
Prefabricated building: 2 months
Traditional architecture: at least 3 ~ 5 months

Low consumption, energy saving and environmental protection:

Chicago Aqua Tower (prefab building)

Energy consumption (kg standard coal / square meter):
Prefabricated building: 15.0
Traditional architecture: 19.11

Water consumption (m3 / m2):

Prefabricated building: 0.53
Traditional architecture: 1.43

Waste discharge (m3 / m2):

Prefabricated building: 0.002
Traditional architecture: 0.022

Construction process under control:

 Hong Kong International Finance Centre II (prefab building)

  The prefabricated building realizes the whole process of the building is completely controllable, and prevents the construction time extension. Onekin as a green build materials supplier always provide high quality precast wall panels, our panels are TUV, CE,ASTM certificated, can make building construction faster, safer and healthier.

Above data from Zhulong.com BIM