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What onekin panel can do for the World Cup

  • Author:Agnes
  • Source:CRI online
  • Release on:2018-06-22

What onekin panel can do for the World Cup

The match between Portugal and Morocco at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow attracted 78,011 spectators. 

With the opening match between Russia and Saudi Arabia, Germany and Mexico, the Luzhniki Stadium continues to present a full audience. 

According to the latest official data, the current average attendance rate for the current World Cup is 97%, and 1 million people have already watched.

In order to host the World Cup, Russia has built or rebuilt more than a dozen stadiums, which is undoubtedly a vast project. 

Onekin green panel is very suitable for universities, hospitals, stadiums and other projects, and its light weight features can save the 
contractor a lot of cost and shorten the construction period. 

The fireproof time is up to 164 minutes, which is very safe for the customers.