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Where to find Lightweight and fast installation wall panel

  • Author:Arya ren
  • Release on:2019-01-21

Where to find Lightweight and fast installation

wall panel

Onekin wall panel is a new type of precast wall panel. The main material is magnesium oxide, which is nature fireproof elements.Most important, Onekin panel is lightweight and fast installation.

All the raw materials of our panel as you can see are green and inorganic materials, that is the reason why Onekin fast installation fire retard lightweight wall panel also called GREEN PANEL.

Onekin green panel has below excellent performance:


It is lighter than any other traditional panels, such as cement block, concrete block, cement panel etc. About 45kg/㎡.

2. Fast installation

Onekin green panel with tongue and groove design enables 3-5 times faster installation compared with that of cement panel, or bricks. One skilled worker can install about 40㎡ per day.

3. Fireproof

can be non-combustible at 800℃ and remains flameless at 1200℃. Fireproof time can reach 4 hours in accordance with Chinese National Standard.

More information you want to new about Onekin wall panel, please feel free to contact us.