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Why Magnesium Oxide wall panel has better fireproof performance

  • Author:Lucy Tian
  • Source:Onekin
  • Release on:2017-06-28
There are a lot of wall building material,most we know are some traditional materials such as brick walls,holloc block,concrete panel and block,or sandwich panels.

For safety consideration of living environment,most end user prefer a totally green and fireproof material,this is also required by the government.While for the contractor or developer,they would like the wall material with quality but fast installation,cost effective and so on.

With the development of building material,they now find new type wall material that is Magnesium Oxide wall panel.They found it works well in fireproof,green,as well as the additional value lightweight,heat and sound insulation,high strength,and it will catch up with the short construction time requirement due to efficiency installation.

Here I would like to share one point of why Magnesium Oxide wall panel has better fireproof performance than most of other building materials.

Magnesium Oxide wall panel’s major raw material is Magnesium Oxide,which is natural fireproof and non-combustible material,from the test date,fire rating time of this panel can reach up to 4 hours under 1200℃.

Onekin just produce this kind of Magnesium Oxide relative products,such as mgo panel(for housing construction),mgo board(for housing construction and decoration),mgo fireproof door core board(for fireproof doors).Onekin is these products manufacture/supplier from China,if you are looking for this kind of products,welcome to consult us for details.