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Why is the Huskies always appear “foolish”?

  • Author:Arya ren
  • Release on:2019-01-15

Why is the Huskies always appear “foolish”?

As one of the common pet dogs in life, the Husky is so funny that it is so funny that it is funny in its name, so why do most people think that Huskies are particularly “foolish”?

First, the Huskies’ face is really funny.

The initial impression that a creature gives to people is of course related to the appearance, and the appearance of the Huskies is very different from other dogs. The first is its face, which has a big pie face, a cross face and a peach face. The face makes people feel that this thing is a funny ratio.

Second, the Husky's blood relationship

The Husky is a sled dog, and the blood of the wolf is very close. It has been trained as a working dog for sledding for hundreds of years. Therefore, they are energetic, full of energy, and able to carry heavy loads, but IQ does not need to be very high, and does not require a lot of complicated skills. It only needs to hear the command or lick the whip to run forward.

Third, compared with other dogs' IQ

The medium-sized dog of the Huskies used to be dry and rough. The IQ is obviously insufficient compared with the dogs such as Golden Retriever. It is impossible to observe the owner. When it is quiet, it is not quiet, and the restraint is not restrained.

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