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The winter is coming, is your city snowing? -- Chengdu Travel Guide

  • Author:Arya ren
  • Release on:2018-12-26

The winter is coming, is your city snowing?  

Chengdu Travel Guide

Snow has a magical power that makes you like everything around you, becoming more emotional and appetizing. This is a good weather for travel.While Chengdu is your best choose. it is a very leisurely city with a rich cultural heritage and a slow pace of life. There are many interesting attractions around.

Some places you must go in Chengdu

1.The first must-visit spot in Chengdu is the wide and narrow alley. It’s the epitome of old Chengdu. Also filled with the uniqueness and casualness of Chengdu.

2.You must not miss the national treasure giant panda in Chengdu. You can watch the life of the pandas through the fence or glass window.

3.The Ping An Catholic Church.: it is not far from popular attractions such as Jinli and Kuanzhai Alley, but it is like a quiet presence outside the city.

Chengdu, the city has its own unique charm, will not change for you, but waiting for you to coming.

Write by arya ren