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Are you still using AAC? You are out

  • Author:Arya ren
  • Release on:2018-12-26

Are you still using AAC? You are out

AAC is kind of wide using building materials, but there is another building materials which is more better than AAC. So, what is it? It is magnesium oxide board, also called Mgo board.

What is magnesium oxide board?

Mgo wall panel is new type of building wall materials, it can be used anywhere tradition wall buildings are used, such as traditional brick, hollow block, precast concrete panel, AAC panel ect.

It can be used for what?

The basic application for mgo wall panel is used as interior wall panel, exterior wall panel, partition wall panel.

Common building/project type is: residential buildings, shopping mall, office buildings, complex hotel, KTV, museum ect.

Why should you choose Mgo panel?

The mgo panel has many amazing function which is AAC don’t have.


With density 375~500 kgs/m3, much lighter compared other building materials such as precast concrete panels or AAC panels.

Easy installation

one worker can install about 40~50 square meters in one day. While it is only 5~7 squre meters for traditional bricks. Shorting construction time 3 times.


With fire rating time 4 hours, it is non-combustible at 800℃, no flames at 1200℃. So it can be used as passive fire protection panels, such as fire wall.

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