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ecoLogicStudio Design Company Announces "City Screen" Solution

  • Author:Zora Chen
  • Release on:2018-12-28

ecoLogicStudio Design Company Announces "City Screen" Solution

ecoLogicStudio, a London-based architectural city design company, recently announced a large-scale “city curtain” program to address climate change.

The City Curtain was developed in collaboration with Climate -KIC, the region's most well-known climate-focused innovation group, to promote the development of solutions for global climate change.

The city curtain is now on display at the Printworks Building in Dublin Castle, Ireland, collecting and storing one kilogram of carbon dioxide per day, equivalent to the carbon dioxide absorbed by 20 large trees.


This sample consists of 16 modules measuring 2m x 7m covering the first and second floors of the building. The entire filtration process introduces air to the bottom of the façade,

allowing the bubbles to rise through the aqueous medium within the ecoplastic. Carbon dioxide and other pollutants are absorbed and stored in algae and grow into biomass.

These biomass energy can be collected and used in the production of ecological plastics. Ecological plastics can be used as the main building material for photobioreactors themselves.

Finally, freshly filtered oxygen is released from the top of each façade unit to complete the entire process. This innovative filter shading system is suitable for existing and newly designed buildings

and is gaining a strong position in the vision of future buildings dominated by smart cities, smart homes and robotic factories.