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100/150mm insulated interior exterior fast install panel

100/150mm insulated interior exterior fast install panel

  • Brand: Onekin
  • Size:2200-6000*600*75/90/100/120/150/200mm
  • Application: wall partition, interior, exterior,fireproof, acoustic wall
  • Design: T& G
  • MOQ: 40HQ
  • Delivery time: 15 days after payment
  • Lightweight: lighter than AAC, block, cement
  • Fast install: 50 m2/day/worker
  • Fireproof:4 hours
  • Soundproof :51dB
  • 100/150mm thick insulated wall panel
  • Interior, exterior wall partition panel
  • Fast installation insulated panel used for wall partition
  • 100/150mm insulated fast install panel for interior, exterior wall partition

100/150mm insulated interior exterior fast install panel

  Onekin introduction:

  Onekin is Chinese wall panel manufacture company with 13years’ experience, we aim to offer the green and fire insulated   Mgo panel madeof non-combustible materials


  What is insulated interior exterior fast install panel?

  It is a super fireproof and anorganic building material,which can replace AAC, blocks, cement and EPS panel for our new design and fastinstallation lightweight etc performance. main materials are as follows:



  Main perfirmance of 100/150mm insulated interior exterior fast    install panel

 Fireproof  164min(100mm) thickness
 Lightweight  lighter than AAC,EPS, cement, block
 Fast install  50 m2/day/worker
 Green  no asbestos,formaldehyde,radioactivity
 application COC,ASTM,TUV, CE, SGS,ISO9001 
 Cost saving 30%  in labor. transportation, foundtion
 Energy saving 80%  lower thermal conductivity, reduce air condition fee
 Waterproof  22%


  Installation of 100/150mm insulated interior exteriorfast install panel

Our panel is hollow core design with groove and tongue,it is very easy to load and wire,pipe. So you can keep your building strong without picking the holes in the wall additionally.


  How about the joint connection?

  1.    useu-shape clips to connect the two panels

  2.    use nailsto fix in both sides of panels

  3.    use cement,mortarand glue podwer mixed with water to fill the connection between two panels

  4.    use fiberglass mesh to strength the panel


 Ourprojects of 100/150mm insulated interior exterior fast install panel

Our panelcan be used in many styles buildings, high-rise building, commerical buildings,villa, prefab house,residential house, fence, kitchen, bathroom etc



  •    Labor cost saving for lightweight and fast installation in Middle East countries

    Concrete structure      

   University inPalestine    

   47000m2 90mm interior wall        

   35000m2 150mm partition


   wooden structure

    Stuff domitory in Oman

   23000m2 100mm interior & exterior wall 


  •   Quick construction feeedback and super fireproof, soundproof in Vietnam

  Vinpearl Empire Condotel Nha ( 5 star hotel)

  84000m2 100mm for interior wall

  36000m2  150mm for partition


  •   High quality and save labor cost in Australia & Singapore

   Apartment in Perth Australia

  4992m2 90mm for interior wall


  Logistic Company Head Office in Singapore

  18000m2 90mm for interior wall


Our network & partners

To meet more customers’ need for lightweight and fastinstallation panel, we increase our network gradually and aim to help our customers build better house and save their budget meanwhlie.

Onekin Green Building Materials Co., Ltd.


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