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10 meter high exterior wall installation fireproof and lightweight sandwich wall panel10 meter high exterior wall installation fireproof and lightweight sandwich wall panel

10 meter high exterior wall installation fireproof and lightweight sandwich wall panel

  • MOQ: 1*40HQ
  • Supply Ability:  1200~1500pcs/day
  • Delivery Port: Tianjin
  • Brand: Onekin
  • Standard size:2800*600/2900*600mm

National testing standard wall panel:

Onekin wall panel has strict quanlity control system. To make sure all of our products with good and high quality. To give you a general idea about our panel quanlity, below is our test report data.
If you engineers need, we can provide you more informatiom.

Onekin wall panle is Non-loading bearing. Raw materials is Magneium oxide. a natural non-combustible material. Mgo wall panel become more and more popular among contrctors and builders.

International TUV & ASTM test report

What's Onekin fast install wall material?

Production instruction

Onekin fast install wall material is an environmental -friendly panel and can widely used in the area 

of wall partition.It is a new type of wall construction materials can replace traditional wall material

* Specification:

Lenght  2200mm to 3600mm
Width  600mm,it's fixed
Thickness  90mm/100mm/120mm/150mm/200mm
 Hot sale size  2800*600mm /2900*600mm
 Type of design  tongue and groove
 Colour  white

Using Onekin wall panel to install high wall
We know are normal wall height is arrange 2500-3500mm. But some special design has high wall, such as 10meter or 15 maters, how to install this kind of wall using precast wall panel?

Here we can give you solutions:
1. Make the high wall using steel structure. 
Onekin wall panel is very suitable to apply to steel structure. It's T&G connection way, make the installation process more easy and fast, below picture for your refereence:

2. High wall with no support structure.
Some designed high wall with no support at each floor. It means no steel or slab for supporting. Need to put wall panel on top of each other from slab to roof, not by doing them floor by floor.
At this situation, how can we make sure the wall strength and install the wall panel?

Onekin can give you solutions, you can using M150 steel angle hook up to support angle and strength the wall panel connection. Just like below picture shows:

* Main performance compare with traditional wall materials

  • 1-4 hours fire rating
  • lightweight:36kgs/m2 for 90mm panel
  • fast installation:40m2/day/worker
  • save up to 30% of the total cost
  • sound insulation up to 51dB
  • 80% energy saving and heat insulation
  • no asbestos,green building materials
  • 22% water absorption

* Packing and factory

for more details,please feel free to contact our sales.

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