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2 hours fireproof and water resistant mgo board decoration bease board2 hours fireproof and water resistant mgo board decoration bease board2 hours fireproof and water resistant mgo board decoration bease board

2 hours fireproof and water resistant mgo board decoration bease board

  • Density: 1050-1100kg / m3
  • Thickness: 3-30mm
  • Standard size: 1220 * 2440mm / 1200 * 2400mm (can be customized)
  • Type: with or without painting
  • Fire-proof level:
  •          6mm: 1 hour
  •          6-12mm: 1-2 hours
  •          12 mm or more> 2 hours
  • Environmentally friendly:
  •          100% asbestos-free / non-toxic / insect-resistant
  • Uses: Indoor fireproof board / roof foundation board /
  •        Partitions / wall cladding panels
  • Certification: TUV / ASTM / CE / EN / SGS

2 hours fireproof and water resistant mgo board decoration bease board

Product Description:

Onekin dry wall shovel is an environmentally friendly board widely used in construction and decoration. It is a new type of non-combustible material made of lightweight materials. Has Great fireproof and water resistant performance.



Onekin mgo boards are widely used as wall boards to replace fiber cement boards, calcium silicate boards and gypsum boards.

 It can be scored and broken, sawed, drilled and fixed on a steel frame.

1. Fire prevention 
Onekin mgo board is a non-combustible panel that does not burn at 800 ° C and does not have a flame at 1200 ° C, fire rating time more than 2 hourse

2. High strength

Material plant firber reinforce the board strength. 

Used as support boards, structural wall panels and partitions.

3. Sound insulation

Onekin mgo has excellent sound insulation and thermal insulation (energy saving) performance to provide a comfortable living atmosphere.


4. Environment
Onekin mgo board contains no asbestos, no radioactive elements (such as formaldehyde, benzene, etc.) and no irritating and harmful substances.

5, Moisture-proof

    Onekin mgo boards have stable physical properties and will not be affected even in cold, dry or humid weather conditions.

Test data sheet 


Onekin project reference



 Packaging and shipping

Onekin MGO board used pallet packing, which is easy to load and unload.Will not broken during transportation.

Company Information

Onekin Group in a leading building materials supplier in China, we have customer from worldwide. Onekin group in trust worth due to our first class services and great quanity products. 



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