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200mm exterior wall panel for ware house   fireproof and water proof

200mm exterior wall panel for ware house fireproof and water proof

  • raw materials:magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, fly ash, plant fiber, foaming agent
  • design: T & G and hollow core
  • Thickness: 75/90/100/120/150/200mm
  • MOQ: 1*40HQ
  • main performanc: fireproof, waterproof, lightweight,lightweight
  • key words:AAC alternative building material
  •           Alternative AAC Products
  •           fast installation AAC replacement
  •           prefabricated AAC block alternative

200mm exterior wall panel for ware house 

fireproof and water proof


Are you looking for building materials for your wear house? Our wall panel has many excellent performance which is suitable for wear house, such as fireproof, heat insulation and water proof.


Below is mall information about our panel.


Our Mgo panel is very new to many of you, but our panel is better than AAC and block.

-Standard size:2800mm*600mm*100/120/150/200mm

-Fireproof: Grade A, not combusted at 800℃ and no flames at 1200℃.

-Waterproof: water absorption 18%

-Sound insulation:51 dB


-Usage: partition boards, internal and external boards, steel structure.




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