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2800*600*100mm lightweight fireproof interior partition wall panel

2800*600*100mm lightweight fireproof interior partition wall panel

  • brand:ONEKIN
  • type:lightweight fireproof interior partition wall panel
  • specification:2800*600*100mm
  • raw material: magnesium oxide,magnesium chloride
  • load quantity:40'HQ for 353pcs
  • fireproof:over 164mins
  • fast installation:40-50㎡/day/worker
  • weight:45㎡/kg
  • thermal conductivity: 0.1739w/mk
  • application:high/low rise building
  • key words:lightweight interior partition
  • customization:yes
  • type:innovative building material
2800*600*100mm lightweight fireproof interior partition wall panel

100mm thickness Onekin panel now are becoming the favorite interior partition wall panel for the hotel and upscale neighborhood developer.Why more and more developer would choose this kind of wall panel?The better sound and thermal insulation can explain these phenomenon,most important reason is that it is so lightweight,and just 45kg per square meter for 100mm thickness interior partition wall panel.

Product information
Onekin interior partition wall panel is a better replacement sandwich panel or concrete panel.It is made from magnesium oxide(natural fireproof materials),high purity magnesium chloride as the cementing materials,and also the plant fiber and volcanic ash as the filling materials.

Because of the hollow core design and foaming technology,which make this interior partition wall panel has just the 1/6 weight of bricks.And the T&G design also speed the construction period.


If you are a contractor or developer,you must care a lot about the weight of the construction materials,since the weight determined the degree of depreciation of the machine.Since Onekin interior partition wall panel is so light,it just need shallower depth foundation,and it will definitely reduce the usage of the digger,and for the sky-scraper building,the other great advantage is that it can reduce the usage of the crane dramatically.

Image that you are a person with social position,like an entrepreneur,a doctor,a lawyer or a teacher,every day,when you back home,what you concern most?not how much many you earn,nor not how successful you are,you just want you and your family live together safely and happily.The housing fire system is undoubtedly the most concerned people care about.For the TUV test report,the fire rated of Onekin 100mm thickness interior partition wall panel is over 164mins.

3.Thermal insulation
Air condition is recognized a must for modern,however,it will make the whole room very dry and people would feel uncomfortable when stay long time in room with air conditioning.With Onekin interior partition wall panel,without air conditionor,people will feel 12 degree temperature difference when come into their house.

4.Fast installation
Since the interior partition wall panel use precast technology and so light for the installers,it can fast 5 to 7 time installation than hollow blocks or bricks.For skilled workers,they can install 40-50㎡/day,which can shorten the construction period a lot and save great deal of labour and manage cost.

Of couse the interior partition wall panels also have other features,if you have any question,please contact us or view the FAQ to know more.


Since its high performance,the interior partition wall panels always are used in high grade residential district and hotel.Following picture show it is easy to decoration to use interior partition wall panels,cause the surface of it is smooth.

With the new tube drawing system,Onekin can produce 1400,000 square meters every year,and would export about 20+ containers week.In addition,we can also add machine to produce the interior partition wall panels to meet the customers’need.

Customers visiting
Every year,lots of customers come to Onekin to look for the further cooperation,as the leading interior partition wall panels manufacturer,Onekin would always Keep the tenet of”Devote to environment Create new green” and provide the better services to customers.

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