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Onekin project

Onekin project

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Customers Feedback

Customers Feedback

Onekin green precast wall system with high quality, reasonable price has win our customers’ trust and gets the thumbs-up. In this part, we will share...

Alternative lightweight concrete panel

Alternative lightweight concrete panel

  • Brand: Onekin
  • Life span:40~70years
  • MOQ:40HQ
  • Loading:plastic or wooden pallet package
  • Details: Fire rated lightweight concrete panel
  • Fireproof lightweight concrete panel
  • Thermal insulation lightweight concrete panel
  • Precast internal lightweight concrete panel
  • Partition lightweight concrete panel
Alternative lightweight concrete panel

When install the brick or hollow block,some worker always would feel backache,since they are bending and squatting when start from the floor.Now the new precast wall panel can make workers free from fatigue.

What is Onekin panel?

Onekin replaceable light weight concrete wall panel adopt precast technology to replace brick or hollow block,which can install 6 times faster than traditional construction material like and also with good sound and thermal insulation.

Advantage of alternative lightweight concrete panel

Cost saving
Ⅰ. Lower transport cost
  Since lightweight concrete panel replacement is so light(375~500kg/m³),so one container can load more,and this can reduce freight fee a lot.Besides,for the higher building,the will also reduce the transportation for crane

Ⅱ. Lower labor cost

Replaceable lightweight concrete panel’s lightweight make installers easy to assemble the panel,and one skilled worker can install 40 square meter per day,so totally reduce the workers salary and engineering cost.

Ⅲ.Lower material cost
  The higher strength make the lightweight concrete panel substitution easy to cut,and in this way,it would save a lot of time and loss(scrap).
  In addition,since it can put the pipe and electricity into it,also no need cut again and use cement to fill the gap.

Ⅳ. Lower decoration cost
  The smooth surface of Onekin lightweight concrete panel replacement do not need cement plaster,and can stick the decoration board on it or the putty directly.And this also shorten the construction time and reduce the cement and labor cost.

Ⅴ. Lower foundation cost
  The light weight concrete panel substitution make the whole project less pressure on the earth,so the shallow foundation just need less digger and labor.

Replaceable light weight concrete panel also within 2 to 4 hours fire rated time,and following is our certificate.

Eco friendly
No asbestos,no formaldehyde,no radioactivity,no harmful gas,Onekin light weight concrete panel substitution. 

Appliacation or project
Onekin replaceable lightweight concrete panel can be used for residential building,public building like shopping mall,hotel,hospital and school,etc.


Near the harbor,onekin concrete panel substitution manufacturer can make the delivery time shorter with the 100000 square meter monthly production.

After service
Onekin would give our installation suggestion when design the building and also can send engineer for on site installation guidance.

Onekin is located in Chengdu,China,and now have branch in Ethiopia,and agent in Australia,Oman,Singapore and Maldives.

Onekin Green Building Materials Co., Ltd.


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