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Buy foam concrete alternative online at best price

Buy foam concrete alternative online at best price

  • brand: Onekin
  • products name: best price foam concrete alternative
  • usage: foam concrete replacement
  • feature: fireproof, waterproof, soundproof, thermal insualtion, fast installation
  • design: hollw core
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Buy foam concrete alternative online at best price
   Foam concrete is a kind of building material made by concrete and foaming agent, it’s also known as foamed concrete, cellular lightweight concrete or reduced density concrete. Blocks and panels are the two main shape of it. Using foam concrete can reduce construction cost because it’s lightweight performance. 

  And this essay is to introduce a strong, lightweight and green building material could replace foam concrete ---- and the reason why our best price foam concrete alternative can beat many traditional building materials like foam concrete, AAC panels, bricks and cement panels.

Reasons you should choose Onekin foam concrete alternative:

1. Fireproof and waterproof:
  Onekin foam concrete replacement panel is waterproof and non-combustible which makes it more popular in the modern building industry. High quality foamed concrete wall panels alternative does not produce any harmful gases and toxic smoke in fire, can be used in all kind of buildings require high fireproof. 

2.Faster installation & Lighter than foam concrete
  Foam concrete replacement has T & G design at two side, this design can make installation more easier. One skilled worker can install 40m2 per day. With faster speed, it can save your time on the construction and help you get rapid payback.
 Our foam concrete substitute use hollow core design, which make it lighter than foam concrete building materials, in that case, you can save transportation cost and labor cost; hollow core can make pipe line & electrical lines installation easier, save you from complicated channel design.

4.Sound and thermal insulation:
  The hollow core design in the middle can reduce it's weight and the air in the core can be the best medium of sound and thermal insulation, it shows great efficiency in insulating noise and energy saving. Structure with two layer of 90mm exterior and interior panel with rock wool in the middle, it can reach 51dB sound insulation.

5.Energy saving
  The key of energy saving is the low thermal conductivity of low cost foam concrete wall panel substitute. With thermal conductivity of 0.17w/mk, our foam concrete can save up to 80% energy.

Application of foam concrete alternative

   In the progress of modern construction concept, magnesium oxide wall panels get a lot of attention because of it's fireproof, waterproof, lightweight, soundproof eco friendly performance. It can be widely used in all kinds of building construction.
  • Residential building
  • Commercial buildings: shopping mall, hotel, office building
  • Public buildings: school, shopping mall
  • Government housing project
  • Prefabricated building construction
  • High building 
  • Interior & exterior wall panel
  • Ceiling panel
  • Wall partition

Project of best price foam concrete alternative

  Onekin is a professional mgo wall panels supplier, we follow the principle of “devote to environment, create new green”, develop new building materials more energy- efficient can adapt different kind of environment and replace for foam concrete, AAC panels and concrete blocks. This best price foam concrete alternative with excellent performance had been used in many constructions, below shows foam concrete alternative panels using as interior wall panels. If there is anything you want to know about our foam concrete replacement panel welcome to contact our sales.

Certificates of foam concrete alternative panel:

  Onekin has work one green and ecological construction building materials for many years, we manufacture high quality foam concrete, AAC panel and hollow block replacement. Onekin foam concrete substitute wall panel has outstanding performance, and we can provide certificates including ASTM, CE, TUV, CNAS etc.

Packing & delivery

We use pallet to package our foam concrete replace panels, then put it into containers. Quantity of panels is based on the thickness of the panel ( generally for 100mm thickness panels, we pack 11 panels together, while 150mm panels are packed 7 or 8 pieces, in order to fully utilize the container space). 

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