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Can we make 3150*600*150mm wall panel?

Can we make 3150*600*150mm wall panel?

  • Raw material: magnesium  oxide
  • Brand:ONEKIN
  • Main performance: lightweight,easy installation,moisture resistant
  • Fast installation: shorten construction time,save cost
  • MOQ:40HQ
  • Key words:
  • Customized lightweight wall panel
  • Fireproof wall panel
  • Cost saving wall panel

Can we make 3150*600*150mm wall panel?


Customer: Hi,Onekin,can you make the length of 3150mm length panel?
Onekin sales: Sure,we can make any size if your requirement length is from 2400mm to 3600mm.


Steve Jobs once said “Stay hungry,Stay foolish”,and this is also the belief Onekin always embrace.For past decade,Onekin has been devoted to make the wall panel lighter and stronger.

What other convenience onekin can bring to you?


​Onekin create a special foaming agent to make the panel lighter.In addition,the hollow core design make the wall panel much lighter,which can make the workers install the panel easier and less people in the construction site.


​The lightweight wall panel reduce the installers loading which make the wall can be finished within a shorten time.Besides,the T&G design avoid any direction mistake when install the panel,hollow core inside the panel also avoid to cut the ditch on the panel.And a skilled worker can install 40㎡/day.

Higher Strength

The high quality raw materials make sure the final substance we got is high strength and which make the panel easy to cut,also make the door and window installation process go smoothly.

What other advantages of onekin panel?

Fireproof,soundproof,thermal insulation and totally eco friendly of onekin panel would provide you a comfortable living condition,followings are the test report onekin passe,if you want know more pls contact Onekin sales.


​With 74 sets of production moulds,Onekin production capacity can be 1000,000㎡ per year.


​Onekin lightweight can be both interior and exterior wall,and following is onekin panel used in Singapore projects.


Onekin Green Building Materials Co., Ltd.


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